PLEYAD Watertight Cap




The PLEYAD© cap turns your Omwater Gratitude and Mini into portable bottles, safe to be carried with you.

The cap is designed based on sacred geometry principles and in harmonic resonance with our OmWater Mini and OmWater Gratitude bottles. It is water and environment-friendly.

In order to ensure safety and prevent accidental opening, we implemented our unique Perfect Angle technology, which allows the PLEYAD cap to open only when pressure is applied at a nearly 45-degree angle, making it is a very comfortable and practical way to open it with one hand.

En Combo OmWater Gratitude and Mini OmWater bottles

Combo OmWater Gratitude and Mini OmWater bottles


Combo 2 Minis OmWater


OmWater GRATITUDE Bottle 1230 ml


Mini Om Water étui chanvre et coton

OmWater MINI 501 ml with hemp/cotton cover


OmWater MINI 501 ml with hemp cover


Omwater FLYING GRATITUDE Bottle 1,23 liter




PLEYAD Watertight Cap


OmWater MINI x10 Pack


OmWater Gratitude x12 Pack


2 Treated Natural Cork Stoppers