Bliss Trinity (Purple)

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501 ml OmWater Mini bottle (with either 100% cotton or cotton and hemp covers)

Asana dimension: 55 cm long by 42 cm wide (25 inches by 19 inches).

Material: wool felt for the base and Baltik cotton for the decorative border.

Eye-rest cushion dimensions and weight:  20.5 cm long x 9,5 cm width, containing 180 grams of pearl barley.

YOU CHOSE: The colour of your Asana and we add a colour-matching eye-rest cushion.

WE CHOSE: Your OmWater Mini cover.


Enjoy our Bliss Trinity to help you dive deep into your inner world, with our 501 ml OmWater Mini bottle, a beautiful meditation Asana and an eye-rest cushion filled with 180 grams of pearl barley that can also be used as a hot-cold compress and one cork lid.

Each Asana is stored in a room where Caroline offers powerful energy harmonization with Magdalena’s healing frequencies. These high vibrations fill every fiber of your Asana. All you will have to do is add your own frequency as you begin using it.

Color and Pattern: Lighting in photos may slightly influence your perception of the exact shade of Asanas. Designs may vary depending on where the fabric was cut to be sewn. The carrying bag is the same pattern as the border.

You chose the colour of your Asana, we pack a beautiful colour-matching eye-rest cushion and we chose the Mini cover for you.